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We do not 'take pictures'

We crush ice and breath fire instead. We are disciples of magic, fierce supporters of the charm and ruthless rascals. Our work is well renowned for numerous attempts to remodel the universe. We reveal hidden beauty in unparalleled splendour and laugh at abstract artists.

We revamp, cast spells, give birth and take naps. Once we've managed to alter reality of an entire medium-sized village in Laos. We stare at the dawn and stop at nothing. None of us have ever been an employee of the month, yet we receive fan mail. We drink responsibly. Our chivalry is unmatched and frolics unrivalled. We single-handedly defeated dullness on numerous occasions and have no control over imagination. We dodge meagre, challenge feng shui and remain cool. We respect dead pixels.

If you'd ever ask of our views around the works of Picasso - we'll be honest.

We perform successful negotiations with clothes and provoke food to look good. Inanimate objects trust us.

Rules do not apply to us, nor are we the subject to the laws of physics. We turn things inside out, blow staff up and drive attention. We reverse time and connect the dots. We make 'thinks' happen.

Expect the unexpected.


- image manipulation
- digital illustration
- graphic design
- packshot
- photo editing
- postproduction
- advertising
- branding